Roofing Contractors Shively KY

Titan Roofing offers the best roofing solutions in Shively, KY with impeccable focus on all types of repairing, replacement and maintenance work on roofs, sidings and gutters. We take pride in offering all inclusive service packages to our clients that are time effective and cost effective as well.

What We Do?

Titan Roofing is presently the best Metal Roofing Contractors Shively, KY. We have also achieved excellence in working with every other roofing material that offers strength, durability, weather resistance and aesthetic appeal to your exterior. We offer you a range of roofing options to choose from so as to maintain your budget line carefully while delivering extraordinary results.

Besides being the ultimate roof repair and replacement providers, we have also earned the reputation of being the best gutter and Siding Contractors Shively, KY. We work with a wide range of different materials that not just offers infallible performance but also adds to the visual appeal of your home exterior. Our ice and water barriers by far have been impenetrable.

Why We Stand Tall in Competition?

The performance and dedication of Titan Roofing has been unchallenged so far. Here are the top reasons why we stand very tall in the face of competition…

  • We offer 10 year guarantee on all roof repair and replacement services which is transferable if you move or sell your home. No other contractors in this area or beyond offer such extended assurance
  • We work hand in hand with your chosen insurance providers to win the best settlement if not 100% of your roof insurance claim Shively KY
  • We always commence your roof repair project with impeccable inspection conducted by the most experienced professionals of roof inspection Shively KY
  • For your convenience and to add time-efficiency to your roof repair / replacement project, we employ on-site foreman who keeps a close watch on the job while answering to your queries on the spot.

What we pledge to do for you?

We at Titan Roofing extend our promise to all our clients, to maintain the highest quality in the choice for materials and the highest standards in work implementation. If you wish to get your roof the facelift for a lifetime, do get in touch with us to request your estimates.