Roofing Contractors Jeffersontown KY

If you are a resident of Jefferson Town, KY looking for infallible lifetime roofing repairs and replacement, please note that the best roofing contractors Jefferson Town, KY is only a phone call away! We, at Titan Roofing offer unchallenged, all-inclusive and thoroughly cost-effective roof repair, replacement and maintenance solutions that comes with a 10 year no-leak guarantee.

We are the Best Roofing Contractors Jeffersontown, KY

Titan Roofing takes pride in excelling in all types of roof repair and replacement work. We offer a wide range of choices for very high quality shingles that offer maximum performance while being aesthetically appealing as well. Our roof specialists are recognized for chalking out systematic layout plans that ensure making the roofs energy efficient, weather resistant and durable at the same time. We are presently the best Metal Roofing Contractors Jeffersontown, KY.

Our Gutter and Siding Solutions are immaculate

At Titan Roofing, we understand that no roof improvements are complete without proper siding and gutters. We have therefore introduced innovative, cost effective and visually pleasing solutions making us the best siding and Gutter Contractors Jeffersontown, KY. We work with many different materials like aluminum, steel and copper to give you the finish that is most compatible with your home exterior.

We offer Faultless Roof Inspection Jeffersontown, KY

Prior to commencing with your roof repair, replacement / maintenance work, we precede our procedures with faultless roof inspections conducted by highly experienced professionals. At all times we ensure that you don’t spend a penny more than what is necessary.

What we pledge to deliver?

  • At Titan Roofing, we offer a 10 Year No Leak Guarantee for all repair and replacement work that is transferable if you move or sell your home
  • We extend complete assistance to gain the maximum if not 100% of your roof insurance claim Jeffersontown, KY
  • We offer on-site foreman for all projects who keep a close watch on the project while answering your queries on-spot
  • We uphold our promise to deliver faultless implementation  of roof repair and replacements with materials of the highest standards in the shortest possible time

If you have a roof that is leaking, gutter that is failing and siding that is peeling, wait no further and call Titan Roofing for estimates.